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The tagus River is as a unique biodiversity. One of the biggest surprises that Tagus River reserve to us is the Lusitano horses that roam freely on the islands. They are very friendly animals. They come near us, when we pass along the riverside as to "greet us". Sometimes we can see them swimming across the river just to graze at another small island of ​​the Tagus River. It has still truly wild areas, such as the grove of willows or the ​​reeds area and aquatic plants.


The islands in the Tagus formed by the clustering of sand and other sediments brought by water. All islands are different, all are unique, all are a world apart. There is even an island that has only birds. There are hundreds and hundreds of birds from different species that stay overnight. At the nesting season thousands of herons nest there. Something truly fantastic.


For those who enjoy birdwatching, this section of the Tagus River is a true paradise.


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